More on Global Warming and your “pinpoint forecast”

A while ago I tried to clarify why GW scientists probably have a better grip on the next 2,000 years than the dude with your “backyard forecast.”  But the other day I heard two once-venerable CBS Radio affiliates, once news leaders in their local markets, now pumping out Faux News and the usual theocon “new-stalk,” making like how un-warm it’s been there this summer.  I can’t say where because it wouldn’t be safe to give The Man any idea of my whereabouts, but let’s just say with Col. Sherman T. Potter, USA, HORSEHOCKEY!

Be that as it may, would one less-warm summer mean GW is a hoax?  [George Norry, I used to respect you!]  No, because GW isn’t your “hometown doppler 12 million,” it’s the whole planet’s doppler 6.6 billion (or whatever).  Just like one 45-degree (F) winter day doesn’t take the sting out of the rest of that God-forsaken season, one cool summer in Podunk doesn’t take the sting out of GW for the rest of the world for the rest of now and unto ages of ages if we don’t try and do something about it.  In fact, the North and South Poles are gonna warm a hell of a lot more than the rest of the planet, because of the Earth’s rotation and air and sea currents and such… but we’re still all screwed.  The effects will vary from continent to continent, as already featured on this blog… but they’re trending hotter and drier everywhere ultimately.

What kind of observations would scientifically call GW into valid question?  I’m not a scientist, but how about half a century worldwide not living up to the warnings?

Of course, that doesn’t make for interesting “new stalk radio,” because most of their listeners won’t be here 50 years from now (nor will I, unless the Lord allows my sinning to go on in hopes I’ll repent)!  So they peddle their own fake hype to counter what they like to claim is our hype.  And The Assault on Reason continues….