Life on Mars?

This is the latest Science Daily news release (despite that label, it seems pretty factual) regarding possible hydrogen-peroxide-based microbes,* but this preview from January actually offers more informationThis piece from a year ago seems to present another, non-organic, explanation, but the two theories – Antarctic-style biomass or dust-storm chemical reactions – for the unexpected peroxide, don’t seem mutually exclusive.  However, research reported six years ago favors the organic – life-based – explanation over the non-organic: basically the microbes ate the nutrients over nine weeks, at varying but regular rates of speed, instead of mere chemicals interacting with all of it more-or-less instantaneously.  (The controversial Richard C. Hoagland discussed all this with George Norry on Coast-to-Coast AM Thursday night/Friday morning: scroll down to “Life in Martian Soil” sidebar; audio also available on that page.)

And as a reminder, this is the International Committee Against Mars Sample Return!  I’m Native American, and we’ve been through this once already, OK?!

(*–Does that mean they’re not natural blondes?!!)