Arrest Scooter Libby and lock him up!

Please, any U.S. Marshal, or even a police officer or civilian making a citizen’s arrest.  He is a convicted, sentenced Federal criminal out of jail without legal cause.

His purported commutation is null and void because it was NOT a commutation!  He never saw the inside of a prison cell, and hasn’t exhausted his right of appeal.  Instead of a commutation, therefore, it was illegal, unConstitutional, impermissible Presidential interference with the Judicial Branch.  As Bush himself stated, “I made a judgment.”  Unfortunately for him and Scooter, that’s the Judicial Branch’s job, not the Executive Branch… at least under the Constitution.

Of course, this bunch tore up the Constitution on December 12, 2000.  Now we have the Judicial Branch electing Presidents, Presidents “making judgments” and evading instead of executing the laws of the land, Congress reduced to a consultative assembly like in some Arab emirate, Republican House Speakers electing Congressmen, the Vice-President inventing his own Branch of government, and the voters completely excluded!

I won’t believe they’re going till the plane touches down in Crawford on the afternoon of January 20, 2009!  Unless of course they steal another election, and Congress, the Courts, and the people again let it stand, so we’re saddled with another version of the same dictatorial regime for another four, eight, twelve, 200 years!