Canadian World Domination

Envisioning Utopia!  (Satire, Canadian and American humo[u]r, etc. A bit dated actually; not sure when they last tended to this site, sadly.)

And visions of CWD past: Your Dear Leaders revealed!  (“Revealed” is right! They put the “domination” in “Canadian World Domination”!!)

Interestingly, they are Monarchists and pro-Duality, i.e., they believe in Canada as “English” and “French” (at least).  Maybe they’re really American NHL fans!!!  In any case, give ’em the Order of Canada!  Then Canada can start giving “orders” to the rest of us, LOL!

Actually I thought they’d already conquered Martinique (see last two entries), but it turns out the “General” is an adjective that goes with “Counseil” [sic],  not with “Claire” and “Jenny.”  Too bad…!  But the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean may want “in”… and might already be if Canada weren’t so PC (meaning in this case Politically Correct, not Progressive Conservative!).