W = Clinton = Reagan = Thatcher/Major = Red China

Interesting data from the Wikipedia page on the Gini Index of income/wealth inequality.  The U.S. experienced three big spikes in inequality since WW2, under Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II, all similar to the last “Conservative” regime in the UK, and Communist China embracing “capitalism.”*  (See the graphic of Selected Countries Over Time, and the CIA’s own US estimate since 2000 at the link below.)

So who are the best non-poor countries (or regions) in terms of equality?: Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Benelux, Ireland, Australia, France, Canada… the usual suspects!  And the Baltics.

As for Poverty in the Developed World, “We’re Number One“… in Probability at Birth of not Surviving to Age 60… and in Population Below 50 pct. of the Median Income!  Overall we’re 16th out of 18… and we’re Number 4 in functional illiteracy.  And the percentages are probably even worse for U.S. poor and non-Whites.  We’ve got to do something about this, people!  Health care, books, a family wage, and something about structural racism!

(*–More evidence of what I recently said, that the PRC is basically where America was a century ago… not a good place to be, and quite a “fall” from Marx and Mao!!)