National political parties fundamentally undermine Constitution

(Such as it is.)

The authors of the Federalist Papers claimed not to be able to envision “cabals” or “factions” seizing control of government in the new Union, because it was so big, even then just covering the East Coast.  (Even though they themselves were one… or two if you look at Federalists and Anti-Federalists!  [At that time Britain’s politicians were more-loosely organized into what we would call today caucuses than the stronger political parties that would soon develop on both sides of the Atlantic… though of course Britain’s current parties are far stronger than America’s.])

But as we see so painfully today in America, the way the Republican Party controls the Federal Executive, Judicial, and Legislative (sic!) Branches, and so many of the States, there’s no check on abuse of power.  Political parties throw checks-and-balances in the trash!  (And no, theoretically it’s no better when it’s all Democrats – although as we also painfully see today, getting Democrats to march in goose-step is like trying to herd cats!… even though America usually does better under total Democratic control: Carter, Kennedy-Johnson, Roosevelt-Truman….)

Now, some parties sometimes are helpful, and it’s unrealistic to try to do without them anyway, at least at the Federal and State levels.  So if we’re gonna have some kind of “party government,” we really need an ultimate check on it, someone not beholden to either or any party, or to electoral politics, or campaign donors: THE QUEEN!  (Though I would’ve liked her to block more of the worst of Thatcher AND Blair….)