Oppose GOP cheating in California

Republicans want to divvy-up Calif.’s Electoral Votes by Congressional District, instead of most states’ winner-take-all format.  If it’s such a good idea, don’t unbalance the playing field, do it nationwide!  Democrats oppose this because Calif. has (wisely) voted Democratic for President the last 4 times.

Even if you favor their proposal just for Calif., oppose it because Initiative-and-Referendum violates the Republican(!) Form of Government clause, Article IV Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution.  If Calif.’s elected state lawmakers thought it was such a good idea, surely they’d adopt it legislatively!  And if it was important enough to normal, mainstream Californians, they’d elect state lawmakers on the basis of this issue!  But I&R in Calif. (and elsewhere) usually promotes marginal causes – some good, most BAD by anybody’s measure – or is used unjustly by the (Republican) Party to drum-up turnout for other elections on the ballot: “red meat” syndrome.

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