Wearing tape

It really is “the end of history”: Women are now taping their clothing on!  They’re being convinced/pressured to believe that they have to show us so much skin, or other improbable clothing positioning, that won’t keep from indecency in most U.S. jurisdictions or on most U.S. TV channels, without adhesives.  This isn’t fashion, it’s soft-core pornography, or circus-wear – and as usual, damned uncomfortable for the women, in more ways than one.

I guess this means the end of the old joke about when a young lady is old enough to wear a strapless dress: “If it stays up, you’re old enough.”  And I guess 8-year-old Lisa Simpson’s been taping since the ’80s!

How soon before the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models’ paint-as-clothing goes “mainstream”?!  It’d certainly give new meaning to the Golden Globes!!!*

Yup, paint ‘n’ spackle, that’s all an actress or supermodel really needs today!  She’s nothing more than a robot-(wo)mannequin!

(*–I own that one.  You can’t use it without paying me.  And since the writers are still on strike, don’t hold your breath!!!)