Conan Don’t Do It!

Don’t move to Los Angeles when you take over The Tonight Show!  (OK, so, I’m boycotting you; the Writers’ strike won’t last that long – Fall ’09?!!  NBC’ll cave long before then!)

Lala-land will ruin you just like it ruined Leno!  Jay used to be a great standup comic, which of course is why he got The Tonight Show.  And he promptly turned Hollywood-mean, celeb-suckup, glamor-glitzy, and Kansas-conservative (anti-Mexican, Jay?!!) and at the same time amoral (in his “humor”).  I stopped watching him in first-run years ago, and now that NBC has fecking Poker instead of Tonight reruns, I never see him anymore!

Carson Daly is Carson Daly, but still, even he was better, edgier maybe, when Last Call was in New York.  NYC is a character on Late Night, Conan.  Moving to LA would be like firing NY from your show – as if you were replacing Carol Leifer, say, with Paris Hilton!  Paris is always good for a laugh, but she’s no Carol Leifer.  (Ask Jerry Seinfeld!)  In any case, I don’t imagine Daly’s moving Back East, so unless Late Night gets a new host and stays here in the real world – the East Coast! – NBC late nights will be all-LA all the time – BORING!!!

Mrs. Conan O’Brien, Liza Powell, is from Seattle, so maybe she prefers the West Coast.  Trust me, I can understand that.  But New York is New York, man!