Hillary, MLK, LBJ, ETC…

Obviously Hillary Rodham Clinton is not my candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the Executive Branch of the United States.  But let’s keep it real here.  Sure, Martin Luther King Jr. and the rest of the Civil Rights Movement were necessary to bring change in the nation’s laws and dominant racist culture.  But they were not sufficient.  If you want to change the laws, and don’t want (another) violent revolution, you have to do it through the Constitution and elected officials like Congress and the President, and/or judges – the last of whom, as we have seen in the last 7-plus years, are not to be relied upon for legality or Constitutionality after all.  It shouldn’t have to be so difficult, it should be a no-brainer actually for anybody whose business is law or politics or government or justice, but as someone has said, Common Sense ain’t so common!

This is all she was saying.  Please, she’s married to “our nation’s first ‘Black‘ President,” I think she knows a thing or two about this!