Soda kills

Just in case you missed the new research about diet soda (yes, diet) recently, there’s this.  And diet was supposed to be better than regular!

Think about it: liquid sugar by the gallon, all those bubbles to mess with your gastrointestinal tract and environs, bigger and bigger cups – some now look like mini kegs! – and we expected to get away with it?!!!

Think of soda like candy – it is, after all, liquid candy: a little bit, once in a while.  Otherwise, just “obey your thirst.”

Or … there’s always beer, wine, liquor!

Feed everyone

The Orthodox Herald in December pointed to recent statements by the Popes of Rome – John Paul and Benedict* – that we have a moral obligation to provide food and water – “nutrition and hydration” the doctors call it – to patients in a “vegetative state.”  (I guess if babies in the womb are no longer babies in the womb, food and water is merely “medical treatment”….)

But IOTM that what we have is a moral obligation to provide food and water to EVERYONE unable to provide it for themselves!  Whether they’re paralyzed, sick, poor, unemployed, frail, Disabled, children, drought-stricken, plague-stricken, unlucky or unskilled in agriculture, fulltime parents, mentally ill, retarded, insufficiently intelligent, underpaid, whatever.  We have so much wealth…!  And as St. Basil the Great said, Whatever of it we don’t need belongs to the needy.

How about a little human solidarity, love, sharing, generosity, philanthropy (yes, even in your voting and lobbying and taxpaying … unless you can come up with a better way), “consubstantiality,” God-like-ness (Think about “the liberality** of God“!), self-discipline, etc.?

(*–The O.H.’s readership includes Eastern Catholics [“Uniates”] in communion with Rome, traditionally possessing Orthodoxy theology, liturgy, spirituality, etc. … just not part of The Orthodox Church.)

(**–That’s liberality, not liberalism!)

Moving-to-Canada humour (sic)

Yes, I’m not totally without a sense of humour about it….

Another Decency Rant

This is definitely not a commercial for the show, but I just saw a tease for Big Brother.  They’re now showing us actual fornication footage from the house?!!

Maybe they always have; I’ve never actually watched the show.  But IIUC, they’re turning it into an intentional soap opera, matching up residents they think might “hit it off,” apparently including sleeping together.  In front of cameras, for all the world to see.

MTV, of course, did this a long time ago on The (un)Real World, but we expect this from MTV.  Anyway, they’re cable/satellite; CBS ain’t.  You can be watching a perfectly OK program over-the-air, and all of a sudden there’s two kids going at it in bed.  I’m not a prude; I’m as pruriently interested as the next guy; but I prefer to choose when I see that sort of thing, often based on who else is in the room with me, the hour of late night – emphasizing late night – etc.

An IBS pacemaker?


When your heart acts up, sometimes implanting a device that delivers occasional electrical shocks to it gets it to “straighten up and fly right.”  More recently they’ve been putting them in people’s brains for things like epilepsy.  What about what we used to call “spastic colon”?

Turns out they’re working on it (PDF)!  Muscles do what they do in response to electrical impulses from the nervous system.  Some researchers believe that in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, haywire impulses cause the muscles of the colon to act up, messing with how quickly or smoothly your fecal matter moves through, bringing on constipation and/or diarrhea, and the other symptoms.  They also believe they’ve helped IBS patients to manually administer helpful shocks to the end of their colons – the sigmoid colon – that restored normal function!

Since this report was published a few years ago, I’m surprised I haven’t come across it before now.  Maybe that means it didn’t pan out, or that it’s still in the pipeline, so to speak.  Contrary to what we’ve heard sometimes more recently, it can still take years for research to result in “approved” treatments … especially for IBS in the U.S., which isn’t taken as seriously here as in Canada or Europe. 😦

Nader go home

One of Ralph’s mantras is that it doesn’t make a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.

I guess we’ve all been disabused of that notion over the last 7+ years!

But I’ll take his single-payer health care….

Is eHarmony a cult?

Yes, it’s true, I was rejected by eHarmony.  Now I know why: I’m not a wussy.  I’m a real human being, not some ’50s fundamentalist Ozzie-and-Harriet clone.  “Obstreporousness“?  What gall!  Basically you have to be a total doormat – or some cultist.  (I never knew Jim Jones’ full name was James Warren Jones.  Neil Clark Warren?  Hmmm … any relation?!!)

BTW, according to, “obstreporous” doesn’t mean “can’t be pleased.”  Interestingly, it does mean “stubbornly resistant to control.”  Control, huh?  Especially when you look at the questions and the required answers, I seriously think some cult watchers should investigate this outfit.  What happens to these ‘shiny happy people’ long-term?  What happens to some of eHarmony’s ‘rejects’ short- and long-term?: I’m not a cult expert, but I do know that this kind of emotional manipulaton is typical of cults!  ‘Oh please I’ll do whatever you want just make me feel that hope again!’


There’s even at least one accusation of fraud against eHarmony, though obviously I can’t verify it.

Strangely, it’s a serious compromise of Warren’s Fundamentalism to make use of the term “soulmate,” since he must know it comes from reincarnation theology, but totally unChristian!  He must be really desperate for disciples, money, and/or deceiving non-Fundies who may actually believe in soulmates.

All of a sudden I’m glad they rejected me!

PS: A post here (search for text “eharmony cult”) suggests that eHarmony’s employees may be the cult, reminding me of that suicide cult of space-worshiping New Age computer techies from a few years ago….  OK, time for a serious probe, before they off themselves … and take God knows how many others with them!

Kosovo II

Lemme make sure I got this straight: Serbs and Albanians go to war inside Serbia, we take the Albanians’ side, bomb Serbia back to the Stone Age, dismember their country … and threaten to hold their government ministers “personally responsible” when their people by the hundreds of thousands don’t take it lying down?  Serb Christians, and Albanian Muslims – some of whom have been implicated in international Islamic terrorism and insurgency IIRC?

What are we gonna do, kidnap them?  “Rendition” them to Poland?  (Romania won’t work this time because they’re Orthodox like the Serbs, and not thrilled with our “Balkanizing” their neighborhood.)  Afghanistan?  Egypt?  Syria?  Israel?

Look, what we’ve done to Serbia in another time would be ACTS OF WAR.  Sure, we have the nukes and bombers (and we have schoolkids write Happy Easter on bombs before dropping them … on Orthodox Easter … while we honor Ramadan and Eid) and NATO and the EU (not looking down your noses at “Old Europe” just now, are ya) … but does might make right?  Excuse bad faith negotiations?  What, was the Treaty of Dayton too difficult?

What was the better solution?  At least trying good faith peace and final status negotiations.

Cuba transition

So, with Fidel Castro retiring from governmental office, how long before America’s Cuban emigres – or their children – along with its government, corporations, wealthy, Protestant churches, etc., move in on Cuba, to restore neoliberal (“neocon,” in US terms) elite rule there, or even prepare a “liberated” island for U.S. Statehood?  Stripped of health care, the respect of much of the world, and the dignity of sovereign nationhood, they’ll be in great shape to join the Union….  But how can it be otherwise, when so many of its ‘saviors’ will be US citizens?!

Can’t whatever new order finally gets established there try to retain what good there is, rather than try to make Cuba over into Florida, or Puerto Rico, or Tijuana?  (Great places all, of course – and each different from the others.)  Why not “one Greater USA, Two Systems,” so to speak?  Cuba can be a little more socialized, with those great doctors, a sense of peoplehood and distinct culture (and language), pride in Cuba for Cuba’s sake rather than compulsively running into Bush’s arms (or McCain’s), etc.  It’s not the 1950s anymore … nor the ’20s.  Let’s not be destructive, but improve on what good is there, and of course work on the problems brought to the Island by both Communism and the U.S. Blockade.  Obviously there needs to be greater individual freedom, freedom of religion, speech, assembly, press, etc.

Kosovo independence

I’ve already said at least once I’ve had second thoughts about Woodrow Wilson’s project to give every subethnicity in Eastern Europe an independent micro-state.  (And you thought “Balkanization” had something to do with Slavicness or Christian Orthodoxy or “Byzantineness” or something like that!)  In the case of Kosovo, of course, if the Serbs weren’t trying to exterminate the Albanians, the Albanians were trying to exterminate the Serbs.  (And the foreign ‘protective’ forces that have been there have not done so well at preserving the peace for minority Serbs and their ancient churches and monasteries.)  Though we must remember that we in the West have been the ‘beneficiaries’ of a decade and a half of professional PR against the Serbs, as well as amateur anti-Orthodoxy on the part of so-called human rights monitors.  Were the militant Serbs saints?  Of course not.  But it seems at least some of the militant non-Serbs also fell short of canonization, during and since the wars that tore Yugoslavia to shreds (with foreign help), for good or for ill.

Nevertheless, ISTM the West was going through the motions when it seemed to be trying to bring about a genuine agreement regarding Kosovo between Belgrade and the Albanians there, treading water till “an opportune moment” to finally end it – they hoped – by just tearing Kosovo away from Serbia permanently.  It seems the Republic of Kosovo will be an instant Haiti, with no economy.  And if anyone thinks the substantial Serb communities in its north are going to take this lying down….  I’m not calling for more war, but I don’t see how it can be avoided without a miraculous conversion on the Western/Albanian side, toward more moderation, and listening to the needs and interests and ideas of the vast majority of Serbs who are not guilty of war crimes.

I have come to believe the ideal situation for most world states and peoples is not independent micro-statehood, but constructive engagement within a larger State that protects minorities, as well as individuals regardless of background.  Maybe there was never going to be conciliation between the Serbs and the Albanians … but the evidence suggests the effort wasn’t even made by the parties with all the resources, the West – the US, UK, EU, UN – as well as the Albanians themselves.

In labor-management relations, we call that negotiating in bad faith.

Lord Have Mercy on all concerned in this matter … and the rest of us!


I, as a registered Democrat, don’t have a problem with them.  We’re a small-D as well as a big-D democratic party, and AFAIK all the so-called Superdelegates got there by election, whether by the general electorate in the case of public officials, or by registered Democrats or their elected party representatives in the case of party officials.  What they are basically is ex officio convention delegates not committed to any candidate via the process of State primaries or caucuses.  They’re Democrats chosen by other people, mostly other Democrats, for positions of trust and leadership.  The MSM call them disparagingly – trying to start a fight I haven’t heard anyone else waging previously in this election cycle – “party insiders,” but really, they’re our leadership, chosen by us to help advance our goals fulltime or significantly-part-time, while the rest of us work our day-jobs or fight for Disability or whatever.

Especially if it’s gonna be Clinton-Obama down to the wire, I see it as a toss-up.  It literally doesn’t matter to me which one gets it – but if our “professionals” have insight I lack, after seeing all of us vote in the primaries and caucuses, I’d certainly welcome it, because this could be the biggest Federal election for this nation since Vietnam, if not ever, as we try to carry out our own Operation Restore Democracy, Operation American Freedom, etc etc.  The MSM are falling all over themselves to evoke “smoke-filled rooms” and “back-room deals” of bygone eras when “party bosses” ruled the roost, and every other cliche you can throw in there.  But they seem to forget that the party itself is a democracy, even a representative one, and its voters – as well as, in many cases, Independent and temporary crossover Republican voters – account for the overwhelming number of delegates at the convention.

And, horrors, a convention that actually means something, rather than just a week-long commercial that the networks are breaking into regular programming less and less for anyway – a meeting where our leaders and delegates actual confer and make decisions and some of the compromises that keep us a party, this nation’s “patchwork-quilt majority” coalition, and arguably, that keeps America a nation!  Heaven forbid!  It’s like when the nominations weren’t decided by Week 3 of the primaries, and they were calling it chaos and muddled, just because they were gonna have to work more, or because the fix wasn’t already in – and they turn around and talk about smoke-filled rooms?!!!  “I piped you a tune, but you did not dance; I sang you a dirge, but you did not wail.”  There’s no pleasing some people!

Another reason for Monarchy

Even if we leave politicians with the initiative, wouldn’t it be nice to know they have someone like Queen Elizabeth they have to run things by, rather than no one at all?

A woman or Black president?

The Man” will not allow a woman or African-American into the Oval Office, except to dust and clean (or make cookies)!  Even if a majority (or plurality) of voters leave their homes intending to vote Democratic in November, “something will suddenly come up,” just like in ’00 and ’04.  I don’t have inside information, of course, and I certainly oppose this implication, but I hope Sens. Clinton and Obama have enough security, bodyguards, etc., and keep weapons out of public events, rallies, etc.  Is even the Secret Service trustworthy?

More mundanely, look for “conservatives” to start calling Obama by his full name, or talk about the two (atheist) Muslims in paternal relationships with him (father and stepfather), or raise more questions about that Muslim school he attended in Indonesia, and if all else fails, bimbo eruptions.  For Sen. Clinton, maybe a mimbo eruption, or even a lesbo eruption, although she has the advantage that they’ve pretty much thrown everything at her over 16 years, so it’s all old hat by now: most people already either love her or hate her so much that their minds aren’t about to be changed.

Realistically, though, I doubt enough American voters will support a woman or Black for president yet, maybe not even VP; I think it’s too soon for them.  And so we’ll be stuck with whichever Evangelical preacher the Repugs nominate.

And if it’s McCain the NON-maverick: Being a POW and torture are not things to joke about, but what if during some national crisis, he goes Post-Traumatic in the White House?!  And they had a problem with Tom Eagleton‘s shock therapy!

Shooting down satellites?

This from the gang that can’t get two missiles in the atmosphere to hit each other?  The spy satellite is probably smaller than the missile they say they’re gonna use against it … and it’s gonna be at the top of the atmosphere … and CBS Radio Network News was told that the hydrazine fuel really isn’t that big a danger of people inhaling it if it makes it to the ground in one piece … and the White House has been involved?

What’s all this spell?  MISSILE-DEFENSE COMMERCIAL!  If they luck out and hit it, they’ll say that means full steam ahead for their (“faith-based”) Missile Defense, that battery in Poland, and who knows what else.  And if they miss it, they’ll say that’s why we need full-blown Star Wars – weaponized satellites, lasers in space, etc. (which we probably have already, even if they deny it).

I wouldn’t even be surprised if they lie about the results … or even if they’re already lying….

Anyway, how come satellites don’t have self-destruct mechanisms for just such eventualities, especially spy satellites with confidential equipment or data on board?

Very suspicious….

Fight back, Drive 55.

Nepal going down American road

The facts contained within this account sound extremely familiar to readers of this blog and critics of U.S. history and the “American Revolution”!  From decompensating government, regions, and society, to the dubious claims of democracy of the politicians and ‘revolutionaries,’ it’s 1776 all over again, tragically.

Is it too late for the Nepalese people to rescue their nation from false ideology, and reach perhaps a better settlement with the otherwise soon-to-be-deposed King?  Hopefully they will not make the mistake of the American Loyalists and wait for His Majesty to make all the moves: King Gyanendra’s hands are tied unless he knows he has the people behind him, even to take action – perhaps “People Power” style? – to save the day. 

There’s an “election” scheduled, supposedly to manage the transition to a Republic – a decision already made ‘for’ the people and nation by the power-hungry elites, some of whom, the “Maoists,” have been waging actual war for years.  But if this “election” only includes “allowed” parties and candidates, how different will it be from the coups d’etat that usurped the Crown and Sovereignty of the American Colonies a couple centuries ago.

Rolling Stone: FBI-induced Terrorism in the ‘homeland’?

You saw it here a year and a half ago.

God help us.

PS: RS’s writer says the FBI’s alleged behaviour is almost entrapment.  Maybe he knows law better than I do, but it ‘looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck’ as far as I can see….

Speaking of Star Trek

I have a bad feeling about the next movie, now filming in California for a Christmas release, supposedly a prequel about the Original Series crew as somewhat younger.*  (Here’s Wikipedia.)  The best thing about Trek before Enterprise was that it was about moving forward, hope, the future … and fun!  That’s why I think Enterprise died and Deep Space 9 didn’t catch on.  (DS9 was in the same time and space as The Next Generation, and mostly sedentary there around Bajor.  *I* loved it actually, for delving more into the human condition in quirky ways, kind of like TOS did, less like TNG.  But cerebral.  Voyager, of course, was at the other end of the galaxy.)  Also why the Nemesis movie flopped – too dark and brooding, basically a glorified episode rather than ‘a major motion picture.’  DS9, Enterprise, and Nemesis were what you might call Trekkie porn,** and I think mostly only Trekkies – and Winona Ryder fans! – will trip out to Star Trek XI.  I only saw Nemesis once(!), and I’ll be really (pleasantly) surprised if I see this one more than once.  Though I try to see everything once….  Even mediocre Trek is better than Faux News at its best!

Maybe they should’ve stuck with Damon/Affleck.  But I guess “Affleck is no Damon!”

I think the next Trek projects have to go ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’!  Hey, TOS debuted in 1966 … TNG in 1987 … looks about time for another “generation.”  Remember that the title of TNG didn’t originally refer to the next character generation – it took place nearly a century after TOS – but the next generation of viewers.  Nevertheless, we could probably use another leap of a century or more into the fictional future, and who knows what else to make it appeal broadly.  What about the 29th century, of which we’ve seen tantalizing glimpses???  Or else a freaky ‘concept thing’ across space and time ala 2001: A Space Odyssey?

(*–That’s not easy, because remember Ensign Pavel Chekov was just 22 in TOS, right out of the Academy.  Starfleet JROTC, anybody?!!) 

(**–Spare us the Saturday Night Live jokes! 😉  )

Speaking of Jonah

When I linked to the opening of the Book of the Prophet of Jonah in the previous post, I had deja vu about his line, “Set out for the great city of Nineveh, and preach against it; their wickedness has come up before me,” which only goes to show that Quakers should read their Bibles more.

Quaker founder George Fox once felt a divine impulse to go to the English town of Litchfield and cry out repeatedly, “Woe unto the bloody city of Litchfield!”  He even had a vision of the streets flowing with blood.  IIRC (I can’t seem to find the account of it with which I am familiar at this time), he claimed to have learned at a later time that that town claimed a number of “martyrs” – though merely Christian, or Protestant, I don’t remember – hence “bloody.”

Is it too much to think that a man of whom it was said that if the printed Bible had been lost, it could be reconstructed from his preaching, was inspired even by that most comic-book of Scriptures, Jonah?

Auto repair scams

Why should generic auto repair and maintenance advice be anything other than straightforward?  For instance, is a transmission flush (not just drain-and-fill) a necessary thing, a helpful thing but not necessary, risky, or plainly always very bad?

I will confess I am a total girl when it comes to cars.  (No offense, ladies … especially you Diesel Dykes!)  Speaking of which, why should auto repair and service be so dodgy to begin with?  If ever a field of business cried out for strict government regulation….

Anyway, ISTM a car is far less contingent than a human body.  “Ya canna defy the laws of physics, Captain!”  A car is a mechanical device, nothing more.  If it tells you, “Forty days more and Nineveh – or your transmission – will be destroyed,” repenting of your sins in prayer, sackcloth-and-ashes, fasting, and almsgiving will not change its mind!  (Unless, of course, God Himself decides to become involved in an unusual manner…!)  Onboard computers aside, “the anklebone’s connected to the shinbone, the shinbone’s connected to the kneebone, the kneebone’s connected to the thighbone, etc.”  Yet automotive arguments and disputations almost reach the theological level!  (Western theology, that is, which is just rarefied philosophy.)

I will add this to the Web ‘cloud’: The first time I was ever ‘informed’ by a servicing dealer (I bought the car slightly used from a dealer of other makes) about a ‘need’ to flush the transmission, something I’d never heard of before, and wasn’t in the Service Guide, though “changing” the tranny fluid had by then been “not required but recommended at 60,000 and 120,000 mile interval” by Ford Inc.,* and since I was still under warranty, “recommended” was required – this was in ’99 – I called Ford in Detroit (Customer Assistance Center: [800] 392-3673 at that time, although I think I actually talked to a girl in a call centre in Toronto, eh?), and she told me something interesting: “We only hear about it from dealers!”  Interesting, because quite by accident I recently had it alleged by a transmission specialist – the owner of the business – who seemed not to gain anything from saying so except my good feelings, that the concept of the transmission flush “was invented by the dealers,” “is a fraud,” a way to get customers to pay $200 for a $50 job, and not something he could in those terms convince customers to do, so he returned the $10,000 flush machine to his franchiser.

Why would I think this guy is trustworthy?  Maybe he thinks he’ll get my business in the future: What, $50 at a time, every 30k or 60k, on a little 100k+ Ford?  Hardly seems worth it.  The flush machine would pay for itself in a few months at most in that market, especially with his earnest-seeming gentle prodding.  But here’s something else: I’d been referred to him by one of the quickie oil-change places that all of a sudden seem to develop specializations in other fields as well … maybe … for service my new best friend said it turns out I don’t need.  (Was one of his workers getting kickbacks? or one of the quicky guys? Or did he himself undergo a religious conversion recently?!!)  IOW, he saw I was a total girl, and could’ve had me (so to speak) and made me think he was doing me a favor, coming and going.  And he didn’t.

I don’t know for sure about what I seem to have learned here, so I won’t mention names, but you’ve definitely heard of both franchises I’m referring to, the allegedly bad oil-change outfit and the allegedly better tranny place.

Frankly, I think auto shop should be mandatory for all high school students – male and female.  It could’ve saved me several hundred dollars at least, in the last 9 years, money I could really use now.

(*–Now every 30,000, according to their website

Time/Putin, ‘the rest of the story’

With apologies to Paul Harvey, this commenter on another blog offers useful counterpoint to the Bu’ushist propaganda we’re getting on Russian President Vladimir Putin from Time Magazine and other sources official and (supposedly) unofficial.  Prior commitments delay any analysis I may contribute here myself on Time’s “Person of the Year” edition.

By way of preview (maybe), I don’t wanna channel Samuel Huntington here, but Russia IS different from the Catholic (Latin) and Protestant West, the Rationalized Capitalist West, the earlier-industrialized – and longer-suffering therefrom – West, the Classical Liberal West, etc. … and many Russians like the difference overall!  You know what Russians have always called contiguous land to their west?: EUROPE!  Now, (Western) geologists consider the ethnic heartland of Russia part of the continent of Europe, but Russians have always been conscious of a difference, Westernizing influences of such Western “heroes” as Peter and Catherine “the Great” – equally “Autocrats” with Ivan the Stern (whom the West never fails to call “Terrible”), Nicholas II, and everyone else in-between – notwithstanding.  But seemingly even “neocons” think a little autocracy, pogrom, persecution, purge, repression, national betrayal, apostasy, anti-democracy, etc., in pursuit of Westernization – or at least pro-Americanism – is AOK – just like in newly-Democratic Iraq, newly-Democratic Palestine, newly-Democratic Afghanistan, Democratic Kenya, “Liberalizing” China, the “Republic” of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, formerly-dictatorial Taiwan and South Korea and the Philippines and South Vietnam and Nicaragua and Panama and Argentina and Chile and Brazil and so on and so on and so on.

If there’s no objectivity involved in such allegedly professional analysis, let’s not pretend, but be up-front about our biases, OK?  But then aren’t you playing into the hands of the “post-modernists” who say there’s no objective truth?!!

One thing Russia does have, as they’re reminding us to their chagrin, is Orthodox Christianity, which isn’t afraid of objective truth, unlike their hardline Catholicism and Protestantism and “militant secularism.”  Their own Orthodox heritage, that of the West, generally ended around 1,000 years ago, just as Russia’s began in earnest.  And many of their ancestors hadn’t been Christian long enough to be Orthodox more than a fraction of the time most Russians have been.

I will say this for now: Orthodoxy’s role in a country is no more to stand up for Westernization / Americanism – what they sometimes call Snickerization (Russ. snickerizatsiya, similar to other cultures’ Disneyfication, etc.) – than for anything else other than The Truth, The Faith, The Common Good as they, limited human beings, see it, experientially guided by the All-Holy Spirit of God, One of the Trinity.  And many Russians have had quite enough of Western innovations – the Filioque, Papal supremacy, Uniatism, philosophizing, high-falutin intelligentsia of the West’s left OR right, Marxism, industrial slavery, Communism (aka “militant atheism”), the constant threat of American nuclear annihilation known as the (First) Cold War, Rationalized Capitalism, “militant secularism,” the current Second Cold War(?), etc etc etc.

Maybe I really am starting to become Orthodox, because I read Putin quotes and know what he’s talking about or hinting at, when it’s clear over their heads!  Maybe they should consult Orthodox when covering or analyzing Orthodox countries, cultures, histories, leaders, persons … and The Church itself of course!!!

Arranged marriages

I’m not endorsing them – not yet anyway! – and neither is this Orthodox Jewish guy in NYC.  Just something to think about, like what we’ve gained vs. lost in transitioning into Modernity / Classical Liberalism / individualism.

Reproductive rights, Take 2

(Improving upon this try.  I think.)

Sex is a “reproductive right.”

Abortion is a homicidal right.

You can’t have an abortion unless you’ve already reproduced, right?

Almsgiving IS charity

Though our “puritans” of today probably won’t take it from the Pope of Rome!  Not only is it good for the needy and objectively a good idea, but a good spiritual discipine, encouraging detachment from things, and actual “participation in the Divine Life” (as the Good Book says, I think in an Epistle of St. Peter) – which may be why the Lord said, “It is more blest to give than to receive.”  Which is why Rationalized Capitalism and Trickle-down/Voodoo Economics is the exact opposite of Christianity … not to mention very bad for you, eternally speaking!

Almsgiving is the soul of charity!

A “Canadian World Domination” Valentine

courtesy of The Wayback Machine.

BTW, I note alot of people are looking for them, and they have tons of web fans too (Google it!), but apparently they’ve disappeared into the past now, so TWM’s most recent version – from 2003?!! – appears to be reachable through the homepage link on that page (or TWM itself, of course, but I’ve already done the work for you!).

Generals Claire and Jenny, come back, the world needs you now more than ever!

As you can see in the quote box at the bottom of this page, my list of influential Canadians already in America – advance invaders, no doubt – left out a few names!!

“Muddled/Chaotic Race”

MSM call the major-party Presidential Nomination races “muddled” or “chaotic” just because they haven’t been decided in the first couple weeks of actual voting.  IOW, just because they’re actual contests!  How ridiculous.  They claim to promote “democracy,” but in reality promote backroom deals or uncontested elections or something.  Hey, I thought they liked horseraces!!

The only thing chaotic around here is my checking account: I put a Kucinich donation in the mailbox ten minutes before hearing he’d dropped out of the race.  Damn!  Gravel, anybody?