A woman or Black president?

The Man” will not allow a woman or African-American into the Oval Office, except to dust and clean (or make cookies)!  Even if a majority (or plurality) of voters leave their homes intending to vote Democratic in November, “something will suddenly come up,” just like in ’00 and ’04.  I don’t have inside information, of course, and I certainly oppose this implication, but I hope Sens. Clinton and Obama have enough security, bodyguards, etc., and keep weapons out of public events, rallies, etc.  Is even the Secret Service trustworthy?

More mundanely, look for “conservatives” to start calling Obama by his full name, or talk about the two (atheist) Muslims in paternal relationships with him (father and stepfather), or raise more questions about that Muslim school he attended in Indonesia, and if all else fails, bimbo eruptions.  For Sen. Clinton, maybe a mimbo eruption, or even a lesbo eruption, although she has the advantage that they’ve pretty much thrown everything at her over 16 years, so it’s all old hat by now: most people already either love her or hate her so much that their minds aren’t about to be changed.

Realistically, though, I doubt enough American voters will support a woman or Black for president yet, maybe not even VP; I think it’s too soon for them.  And so we’ll be stuck with whichever Evangelical preacher the Repugs nominate.

And if it’s McCain the NON-maverick: Being a POW and torture are not things to joke about, but what if during some national crisis, he goes Post-Traumatic in the White House?!  And they had a problem with Tom Eagleton‘s shock therapy!