Shooting down satellites?

This from the gang that can’t get two missiles in the atmosphere to hit each other?  The spy satellite is probably smaller than the missile they say they’re gonna use against it … and it’s gonna be at the top of the atmosphere … and CBS Radio Network News was told that the hydrazine fuel really isn’t that big a danger of people inhaling it if it makes it to the ground in one piece … and the White House has been involved?

What’s all this spell?  MISSILE-DEFENSE COMMERCIAL!  If they luck out and hit it, they’ll say that means full steam ahead for their (“faith-based”) Missile Defense, that battery in Poland, and who knows what else.  And if they miss it, they’ll say that’s why we need full-blown Star Wars – weaponized satellites, lasers in space, etc. (which we probably have already, even if they deny it).

I wouldn’t even be surprised if they lie about the results … or even if they’re already lying….

Anyway, how come satellites don’t have self-destruct mechanisms for just such eventualities, especially spy satellites with confidential equipment or data on board?

Very suspicious….