Cuba transition

So, with Fidel Castro retiring from governmental office, how long before America’s Cuban emigres – or their children – along with its government, corporations, wealthy, Protestant churches, etc., move in on Cuba, to restore neoliberal (“neocon,” in US terms) elite rule there, or even prepare a “liberated” island for U.S. Statehood?  Stripped of health care, the respect of much of the world, and the dignity of sovereign nationhood, they’ll be in great shape to join the Union….  But how can it be otherwise, when so many of its ‘saviors’ will be US citizens?!

Can’t whatever new order finally gets established there try to retain what good there is, rather than try to make Cuba over into Florida, or Puerto Rico, or Tijuana?  (Great places all, of course – and each different from the others.)  Why not “one Greater USA, Two Systems,” so to speak?  Cuba can be a little more socialized, with those great doctors, a sense of peoplehood and distinct culture (and language), pride in Cuba for Cuba’s sake rather than compulsively running into Bush’s arms (or McCain’s), etc.  It’s not the 1950s anymore … nor the ’20s.  Let’s not be destructive, but improve on what good is there, and of course work on the problems brought to the Island by both Communism and the U.S. Blockade.  Obviously there needs to be greater individual freedom, freedom of religion, speech, assembly, press, etc.