I, as a registered Democrat, don’t have a problem with them.  We’re a small-D as well as a big-D democratic party, and AFAIK all the so-called Superdelegates got there by election, whether by the general electorate in the case of public officials, or by registered Democrats or their elected party representatives in the case of party officials.  What they are basically is ex officio convention delegates not committed to any candidate via the process of State primaries or caucuses.  They’re Democrats chosen by other people, mostly other Democrats, for positions of trust and leadership.  The MSM call them disparagingly – trying to start a fight I haven’t heard anyone else waging previously in this election cycle – “party insiders,” but really, they’re our leadership, chosen by us to help advance our goals fulltime or significantly-part-time, while the rest of us work our day-jobs or fight for Disability or whatever.

Especially if it’s gonna be Clinton-Obama down to the wire, I see it as a toss-up.  It literally doesn’t matter to me which one gets it – but if our “professionals” have insight I lack, after seeing all of us vote in the primaries and caucuses, I’d certainly welcome it, because this could be the biggest Federal election for this nation since Vietnam, if not ever, as we try to carry out our own Operation Restore Democracy, Operation American Freedom, etc etc.  The MSM are falling all over themselves to evoke “smoke-filled rooms” and “back-room deals” of bygone eras when “party bosses” ruled the roost, and every other cliche you can throw in there.  But they seem to forget that the party itself is a democracy, even a representative one, and its voters – as well as, in many cases, Independent and temporary crossover Republican voters – account for the overwhelming number of delegates at the convention.

And, horrors, a convention that actually means something, rather than just a week-long commercial that the networks are breaking into regular programming less and less for anyway – a meeting where our leaders and delegates actual confer and make decisions and some of the compromises that keep us a party, this nation’s “patchwork-quilt majority” coalition, and arguably, that keeps America a nation!  Heaven forbid!  It’s like when the nominations weren’t decided by Week 3 of the primaries, and they were calling it chaos and muddled, just because they were gonna have to work more, or because the fix wasn’t already in – and they turn around and talk about smoke-filled rooms?!!!  “I piped you a tune, but you did not dance; I sang you a dirge, but you did not wail.”  There’s no pleasing some people!