A software idea

Ever hear your hard drive spinning and spinning and spinning for no known reason?  No system tray icon, no active video game or download (apparently), no other programs starting up?  Could it be malware?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ask your computer, in effect (if not in actuality!), “Why’s the hard drive spinning right now?”

You’d think that the Windows Task Manager (talking XP here) could tell you this info, but right now I’ve got 58 “processes” going.  Is it one of these, or something ‘invisible’?!!  For that matter, are all these legitimate?!!!

I guess such a program would get the drive spinning itself, so maybe what you’d actually have to say is, “Why was it spinning N seconds / minutes ago?”  Or better, “What has caused / is causing spinning in the last N minutes?”  Most programs, when just sitting there waiting for input or whatever, don’t keep spinning the HD; this is why I’m concerned.

Is this too complicated?

And then you look up the questionable program, etc., and panic! 😉