We must go with Obama

I urge everybody who still has a chance – primary or caucus voters, delegates, superdelegates – to vote for Barack Obama for the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States.

If the Repugs don’t steal another one, Obama has the best chance of keeping them out of the White House.  He’s bringing all kinds of new people into the Democratic Party and the political / electoral process.  If Clinton’s nominated, she’ll just hyper-activate all the Hillary-haters and Clinton-haters out there in the electorate, AM radio, Fox News Channel, etc., and some of the new Obama supporters certainly won’t vote Republican, but are sure to stay home.  This election, more than any other in a long, long time, must not be a spectator sport!  The only risk is whether enough people will be able to set aside their race or bigotry issues and vote for a man who had a lapsed Muslim father from Africa* and a White mother.  Maybe I’m the one out of touch, but I think it’s likelier than Hillary winning the White House.

In international affairs, what Obama lacks in explicit experience, he’ll more than make up for in the good will he generates around the world; plus, community-organizing experience is a plus in international affairs!  Domestically, his pledge to investigate Bush lawbreaking is necessary.  I can accept him.

(*–Didn’t I tell you they’d start hammering on his middle name?  As if King Hussein was a bad man!)