America’s King’s Birthday

I missed it, but June 4 is the birthday of ‘British America’s’ *  last actually-reigning Sovereign, King George III, as currently recounted on the Gregorian Calendar.  (He was born under the Old Calendar.)  He was ill-advised regarding Ireland, like most of his predecessors and successors, and a little delusional regarding America.  But insofar as America suffered at all – and not just one in five, or fewer, the rebels with vested socioeconomic interests (ie, not in the Common Good) – ISTM it was mostly owing to the immoderation of homeland politicians’ legislation, eg, a tax on every damn piece of paper?!!!

The late Marc Chaitlin commemorated his birthday from a U.S. monarchist and constitutional-legitimist perspective shortly before his own passing (text-search “birthday” – without quotation marks – here).

God be good to both of them … and to the victims of George’s politicians.

(*–That is to say, south of Canada!)