Huffington Post roundup: Crackdown, Presidential decisions, ambition, Palin, flipflopping, pregnancy, etc.

Here’s what I’ve been reading at or from Huffington Post:

Secret Service / police* crackdown on non-corporate media and other peaceable citizens at Repug Convention

This one has two points IMHO:

  • Vice-Presidential nominees are Presidential candidates’ first “presidential” decisions: Contrast Biden and Palin, remembering that ‘A vote for McCain is a vote for Palin: Is she ready for the whole enchilada?’
  • McCain boasts he’s only running for personal ambition?  So much for “Country First”!  Ah, for Hillary it was bad, but for him it’s good?

Far from Democrats having a “religion problem,” Republicans seem to have more of a “secular problem”!

Does Palin signal ‘Culture Wars: Episode II’?

Palin’s preacher problem!

“Palin Laughs As Opponent Is Called ‘Bitch,’ ‘Cancer,’ Mocked For Her Weight” 

The amazing transcontinental birth of poor little Trig – not to be believed!  Judgment?  (So, does his birth certificate say Texas, Washington State, British Columbia, AND Alaska?!!  Obama has nothing on this kid!!)

“8 Reasons Sarah Palin is More Qualified than Barack Obama” (satire, but filled with facts and flipflopping!)

  • While we’re at it, why not nominate that Snorgtees model?  She looks young and promising, in the chest area!  (And why would Palin’s family provide us with this picture, without actually seeing her bust in it either?!!  Anyway, I preferred the joke when Elvira shared it with us years ago….  And such punctuation – Guess she was a broadcast journalism major, not print….)

And on a related story, a couple thoughtful pieces about single teen pregnancy, approaching it, and preventing it: familial male non-sexual affection, hypersexualizing culture, caring parents and teachers, comprehensive education about sexuality, supportiveness and open communication, and meaning and goals in life, among many other things.

And a few other thoughts from yours truly on the same side-topic:

  • If the shoe was on the other foot, you know we’d be hearing howls about godless “Democrat” Party moral relativism, The ’60s, women’s liberation, headship, the war against the traditional family and marriage, gummint programs, Socialism, yada yada yada.
  • One of their big objections to comprehensive sex ed is “mixed signals.”  What about the “mixed signals” they put out that say it’s OK for “conservatives” to have same-sex or opposite-sex affairs, prostitutes, or out-of-wedlock children?  Is it possible that personal-moralizing** politics just isn’t a good idea?  (Nevermind it having a habit of turning around and biting you in the ass.)  They complain about religion being kept out of the public square (which in America is and always has been poppycock), but then they keep divorcing it from church / synogogue / mosque, and insisting that government do it: Apparently their churches aren’t doing a good enough job?!  They’re against some government programs – those that help other people – but not others – those that control other people.  “Let the church be the church!”
  • Does Levi want to marry Bristol?  Does Bristol want to marry Levi?  If not, should one mistaken judgment be compounded by another mistake?

(*–Including out-of-town cops?!!!)

(**–As opposed to social ethics.)