Canadian Election tomorrow: Anybody but Harper!

Danger, Canada, the regressive Conservatives are trending upward!  They got you into this mess, do you really think they can, or want to, get you out?!  Remember these aren’t good-ol’ Canadian PCs, but Reform/Alliance!  Even a real PC in that party is just another MP for Harper!  If we can crash the CPC, maybe some kind of arrangement can be made among the Liberals, NDP, Bloc … hey, how about the Greens?!!!  After all, minority government is doable … just not by them!!  So I guess what I’m saying is STRATEGIC VOTING for any (real) non-Conservative with a chance to win your riding.  This one’s too important!  Save your Sovereignty, save your economy, save your healthcare, save Confederation, save your rights and freedoms, save a Constitution that’s the envy of the world!