Hu’s on First

Speaking of the leader of Communist China, there’s actually a Chinese (et al.) restaurant at Winnipeg’s minor-league baseball stadium called “Hu’s on First,” a takeoff on the old Abbott and Costello baseball routine, “Who’s on First?”

(The team is the Winnipeg Goldeyes, so I wonder if they serve goldeye at Hu’s?  Sounds like one nasty fish, in both temperament and flavor!  But I guess if you smoke the hell out of anything it can be rendered fit for human consumption….  Canadian cuisine, gotta love it, eh?  While in the Northwest I was a vegetarian,* so I only tried a couple tiny bits of alder-smoked salmon one day for the local cultural experience, and it seemed interesting; though of course salmon doesn’t need the help.  And nowadays you can buy smoked salmon in the Sahara I think!!!  I even tried alder-smoke-flavored potato chips there once, but it was too much of a good thing, if you know what I mean.)

(*–Of course, fish is not a vegetable.  You wouldn’t think of saying that, but for all the self-described vegetarians who eat “vegetables” such as fish, chicken, milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, butter, etc etc etc….)


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