Override “Open in New Window”

Another of my cyber pet peeves is when websites force links to open in new windows for no apparent reason other than to clutter your desktop and monopolize your RAM.

Now, sometimes there’s a good reason, like if it’s a completely different site of a completely different author / company / whatever, or a completely different or tangential subject.  But if it’s your own site, intimately related, etc.???

Like probably many of you, my websurfing is somewhat undisciplined, a kind of Cyber Attention Deficit Disorder.  (Very time-consuming!)  To minimize confusion, I try to minimize open windows or tabs at least: one ‘trail’ or series of related pages visited, or subject, per tab or window.  This I guess is more the method to my madness about forced New Windows.  Plus, Opening New Windows is time-consuming too, especially in XP for some reason, setting the hard drive going like a coffee grinder.

So, what I often have to do is routinely right-click –> Copy Shortcut, paste it in the address window, and hit Enter or the Go To arrow (IE 7, aka The Cripple!!!).  It’s a minor thing, but shows messy (or inconsiderate!) programming, of the website AND of Internet Explorer.  And it really p___es me off when I forget, and that coffee grinder starts up, and you can’t stop it till it’s completed its inexorable course!  [Is exorable even a word?]

I once wrote to Microsoft that they should add to the right-click menu an “Open in THIS Window” option, but they never really got back to me.  Better yet, how about a context-sensitive (ie, appearing only when applicable / necessary) “Override ‘Open in New Window'”?  Until then…

Open THIS in a New Window!!!!!  or…

I gotcher “New Window” right heah!!!