Repugs to filibuster Al Franken?

Go ahead.  Let’s put them on TV round the clock.  With MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow providing fact-checks and analysis.  See how fast Americans and the world tire of Republican legal tricks and technicalities … especially the next time they accuse us of the same.

Remember that this is the party that started seating losing, rejected House members a couple years ago, because you can’t filibuster in the House.  Maybe House Dems should change that rule….

Second thought, Senate filibusters are the reason we have an unconstitutional, undemocratic de facto supermajority requirement to pass any legislation there, the magical 60 votes instead of 51, or even just a majority of Senators present at the time of the vote.  I say let bills pass or fail on a simple, (small-D) democratic majority … might rile-up more people to vote out the arrogant GOP if they showed their true colors in the Senate more often, which would be better for the country … and the world.