Fox News Biden libel on economy

I have a journalism background (as opposed to what Fox News Channel serves up), and this fake edit just might be actionable, making VP Biden seem to claim last week that “the fundamentals of the economy are sound,” when the footage is actually from the campaign where he was quoting McCain and vigorously disagreeing with that assessment (as most of us then and now.  You’d think nobody would even use that particular expression after this past Election Day!).

Of course, nobody sues for libel or slander anymore, and so public discourse goes down the toilet where Reagan, the Repugs, and the Fundies sent it starting in the ’70s.

See Greenland!

Aka, Kalaalit Nunaat.  This tourism etc. site is very user friendly, with downright seductive photos!  Next plane to Reykjavik!!!

They say after WW2 the people wanted to “modernize,” and so traditional Inuit ways are disappearing.  I have mixed feelings about that as someone looking into my own Indigenous heritage/s.  Recently I saw a documentary, mostly about Inuit in Nunavut Territory, Canada, but one who often trekked more than a thousand miles over ice to NW Greenland in Spring had to fly one recent year because the ice wasn’t there or thick enough.  And subsistence whaling and sealing there was said to be becoming alot harder because they relied on the ice traditionally, just like the polar bears we hear so much about now, with Global Warming.

Indigenous issues aren’t all cut and dried, so to speak….

Global Warming Update: 3-4 foot sea rise, many Northeast Katrinas

By the end of this century!  (That crashing sound you hear is Northeast Seaboard property values … and not just Jersey and Long Island either….)

IBS, fiber therapy, and string in poop



Just kidding … sort of.

For those of you allergic to “too much information,” read no further.

I mean it!

OK.  As you may remember, I’ve been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome since 1999.  (Nope, I didn’t get to party like it was 1999!)  Though I’ve had it at least since 1990.  Mostly IBS-Diarrhea (IBS-D).  But I didn’t get to see a truly helpful gastroenterologist until 2002 or so.  He put me on high-fiber therapy, specifically fiber supplements (pills like Fibercon) and any other fiber I could cram into my eating habits.*  Since then,

and here’s where it gets graphic,

sometimes when I’m on the toilet, I feel something hanging out of my bunghole, just taking its grand old time passing/dropping.  Recently, with greatly increased soluble fiber dosage (Thanks, Heather, the acacia powder  really does seem to help! [aka “gum arabic“]), sometimes I see whitish strings in my stools there in the bowl — too long to be worms, an inch or more — and eventually I solved the mystery of the hanging business by getting a fistful of TP and just grabbing what was hanging … and it was a rubbery/plasticky stretch of material that I could feel breaking stiffly just inside my anus, like there was more in there — definitely not a lifeform, Mr. Spock.

Well, I just got around to Googling “string in poop” (without quotes), hoping for some unvarnished, un-PC, honest, forthright discussion.  And although Yahoo Answers isn’t necessarily C. Everett Koop, all told, several links seem to have the ring of truth in them, like this one, this one, this one, and this one.  Could your gastrointestinal tract really do that to fiber, twist it and pound it into unrecognizability?  Think about how long the tract would be all stretched out, like they say, and all the muscles squeezing and twisting, acids, weird and normal fluids and bacteria and other things you’re eating, fermentation, reactions … and I could see it.  I may run it by my doc just to make sure, but I feel alot better about it just now, so much that I wanted to spread the word, because apparently I’m not alone!  Even beyond Yahoo there was this page (text-search for “string” — quotes not necessary).  In its basic nature, fiber is sort of waxy, hence I guess the occasional weird forms it gets metamorphosed into.

WHEW!  Thank you, Jesus!  Amen!

(*–Dietary fiber, to be clear, in light of what follows!  However, he failed to differentiate between soluble and insoluble fiber.  Most Americans trying to eat reasonably-healthily — not our traditional steak-and-potatoes — have no shortage of insoluble fiber in their diets: raw vegetables, even some cooked ones like broccoli, carrots, and other ‘yummy’ things like that.  This is the kind that goes right through you.  When you have IBS-D, you don’t wanna overdo that, though you shouldn’t go without it either, or so I’ve read, and so I do, mostly.  [Screw whole grains!!]  Soluble fiber isn’t greased lightning [correct spelling!], but goes slow enough to soak up all that excess fluid that otherwise sends you “running.”  That’s what IBS-D’s need tons of: beans [they’re not just good for your heart], other fibery, mushy stuff like that, and other soluble fiber.  Wikipedia is all over fiber.)


What’s the deal with these online weight-loss ads that seem to slip the word “obey” in with hardly any grammatical sense at all?  It’s almost like they’re trying to hypnotize you, or make you feel guilty, one or the other (or both?)!

Or is it like “Obey your thirst”?!!

Recession Advice: Stay Home

As seen on KABC-TV Los Angeles previously, and on ABC News tonight probably courtesy of the NY Times Wednesday, now is not the best time to relocate if you don’t absolutely have to, unless you have money to burn, or if price is no object of course….

When I was a reporter in the suburbs and exurbs of one of this country’s major cities in the ’80s, “homeless hotels” and mega taxicab fares to jobs closer-in to that city were being picked up by some local Public Housing Authorities, but I don’t hear or read that in this week’s stories.  Were Bush/Cheney really worse for the needy — of whatever supposed “class” — than Reagan/Bush?!  Persons more in-touch with recent homelessness and hunger stats than I, might know.  Maybe it’s just the combined onslaught of the whole last 28 years (DLC/Clinton included).  I guess our REAL long national nightmare isn’t quite over yet….

Freedom from debt collectors!

  1. Did you know there’s a Statute of Limitations on many debts?!!  It varies by type of debt and by State, but basically if you avoid payments long enough [hopefully through no fault of your own, but sincere financial difficulty, sez I, but hey, the law is the law!], you’re Free and Clear!!!!!  Not that the predatory bastidges deserve the consideration….
  2. And after you browse this Federal court ruling, you may never give a debt collector the time of day again, may never agree to one of those mostly-bogus partial-as-payment-in-full arrangements, may never even stipulate that you have ever owed anything to anyone again!!!!!  Point being, be extremely careful, and if possible, get legal advice.
  3. Aren’t debt speculators the ones who caused the current Depression?!!!!
  4. From today’s research by me, it’s clear there’s alot of shady, barely-legal, deceptive, manipulative, maybe even illegal stuff going on by debt collectors.  Now THERE’S something (also) worth a probe!