Welcome to the new home of the original American Red Tory blog on the WWW.  (Bye bye, New Blogger!!!)  Although originally titled “Sex, Politics, and Religion” (i.e., the three things it’s said friends in America are traditionally not supposed to discuss among each other!) and only officially changed to ART in 2006, I’ve been talking the talk online since at least 2002.  And while other U.S. “(Red) Tories” are coming at the phenomenon from the Right, I’m from/on the Left, a real “progressive conservative,” to use another handy Canadian term…whereas U.S. Rightists are ironically (mostly) Classical Liberals.  Of course, as a ‘convert’ to Classical Conservatism including Commonwealth Monarchism – an American, a Catholic-raised convert to Eastern Orthodoxy, an Irishman, a Native American – I’m not sure how well I’d fit in with ‘real Canadian’ RTs, but unlike many Yank political writers, I’m still learning!

Topics copied from my latest title box include but are not limited to: Orthodoxy, Society, Monarchy, Virtue, Solidarity, Social Democracy, self-restraint, philanthropy, Common Good, Progressive Conservatism, parliamentary democracy, sovereignty over corporations, monetary reform, anti-abortion, fair trade, single-payer, indigeneity, living tradition, labor, energy independence, organics, Disability, minority protection, The Commonwealth, Canada, respect for cultures, being Metis, diplomacy, proportional representation/multi-party politics, and more.  Hope you enjoy!

Sincerely, Tiernan  O Faolain