Gay Staph STD?

Do you have to be Gay, or a man who has sex with men, to get or spread MRSA, as alleged by “scientists” this week?  Or merely have skin-to-skin contact with someone infected, within or outside sexual intercourse, as de-emphasized even in this San Francisco version of the story?


Rev. Huckabee Gay/AIDS flipflop

Someone I’m really proud of

Sherry Reynolds, who lived in Seattle for some years, tried to “obstruct” what turned out to be apparent police brutality in progress, and got prosecuted for it.  Internal Affairs and the (Bushie) Justice Department – contrary to FBI agents’ impressions – declined to act, but she was acquitted.  She was previously a volunteer firefighter, a compassionate HIV/AIDS worker, and a faithful Mormon.  Wherever she is now, God bless her.

The linked articles are part of an ongoing Seattle Post-Intelligencer probe of problems in the (Seattle-area) King County Sheriff’s Office.  The P-I is the Emerald City’s main daily newspaper.

(Sorry if it sounds like she’s dead, it’s just that I have no more-up-to-date info on her!  🙂  )