Voter Fraud Fraud = Election Fraud

Classic racism, classism, bashing even of legal immigrants, etc etc etc.  How big a problem is this really?  They are totally insincere.  Is it any wonder the illegals keep voting Democratic?!!!  😉


Casey Wilson from SNL; Normal is HOT!

Sorry, Tina Fey, you snooze, you lose!  My latest SNL crush is new “Featuring” lady Casey Wilson!  Love your curvy-girl-next-door looks, and you make “sincere” look both sweet and hot, kind of like Drew Barrymore does.

Here’s to the new Brunette Clown-Princess of Late Night!  And that’s a good thing!

PS: You’re not “fat,” you’re normal.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  Normal is hot!


Maybe Pepsi too.

That is, if the big beer distributorship she’s heir to also includes soda pop among their supplies, as they sometimes do!!!


A New Mother England Taking Over

As in “John Cleese Letter to U.S. Citizens.”  Yes, apparently it’s fake, but I just had to read through this whole thing so now you do too!  Actually the longest, the version I only first saw today here,* is the funniest and most enjoyable (apparently some Yanks – or fake Yanks? – haven’t done enough traffic circles to appreciate Brit humour!); fortunately it’s near the top of the Snopes column, so you can dispense with the rest if you like.

(*–A good Philadelphia Lawyer AND a monarchist; now that’s irony for ya!)

“Stuff White People Like: Grad School”

LOL!  Been there, done that, alot!

Though obviously some people are taking that blog way too seriously!!!

Moving-to-Canada humour (sic)

Yes, I’m not totally without a sense of humour about it….

Nader go home

One of Ralph’s mantras is that it doesn’t make a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.

I guess we’ve all been disabused of that notion over the last 7+ years!

But I’ll take his single-payer health care….