“These Are The Voyages…”

Life imitating art imitating life…?  A few years ago, while reaching for a pizza cutter, I realized the root of Star Trek‘s popularity: The Enterprise is a freakin’ pizza cutter, and who doesn’t like pizza?!?!?!  A subliminal secret creator Gene Roddenberry took to his grave?!!  The prequel of all prequels!  (Then there was the time a Q turned Voyager into … its own Xmas tree ornament about to go on sale at Hallmark!  We don’t need no stinking fourth wall!) 

I may sue thinkgeek, LOL!

What kind of insult is “Aborigine”?

Unless in the minds of Whites like Scott Beason, and Black American politicians, Native Americans are inferior to both, in the USA’s “racial hierarchy.” Or perhaps Australian Aborigines are? But late Native American scholar Jack Forbes (an extremely distant cousin of mine) theorized that most historic USA Blacks have Indian ancestry, and proposed research into the ‘Red Roots’ of much of Black culture. Even before I read him, I’d heard that 40 percent of Black Americans know of Indian ancestors … which suggested to me that a majority at least had them.

It’s also curious to me that Beason seems to allow that people who aren’t identified as “Indians” here can still be “Aborigines.” That’s almost a Canadian (Horrors!) usage of the word: They use “Aboriginal” as an umbrella term for Indians, Inuit (aka Eskimos), and Metis. What a concept!

Fake Credit Crisis?

This guy told Rachel Maddow on MSNBC the Minneapolis Fed says we’ve all been lied to, to the tune of a trillion bucks or more.  [Kind of like the fake Social Security Crisis?!]

This paragraph is his upshot:

The real crisis is in the real economy – ya know, the real world of jobs, wages, health care premiums and pensions that Washington has totally ignored as it keeps writing checks to its well-heeled campaign contributors on Wall Street under the guise of a lending crisis. Adding insult to injury is the last thing I discussed with Rachel – the fact that because the bailout money came with almost no strings attached, the financial industry recipients of the taxpayer largesse are either hoarding the money, using it to pay shareholder dividends and executive bonuses, or devoting it to efforts to buy up smaller competitors.

He concludes:

…pundits and politicians were using an admittedly real problem to manufacture the perception of a full-on earth-shattering crisis so as to justify the biggest taxpayer heist in contemporary American history.

You do the math now.

I don’t buy everything Maddow or her guests say, but more and more I find her a necessary reality-check on the MSM and, well, reality … perhaps especially now that we will supposedly not only win but occupy the White House.  She’s truly a D.Phil. to watch out for!

New tallest building in America proposed for Chicago

Maybe Prince Charles is right: ugly as sin.  Why must architects inflict this kind of crap on the public?!!!  Not to mention easy terrorist targets, that one and the new one at the WTC in NY.

And this is the WINDY City!

(Not the winding city!)


Speaking of those bifocals, I don’t consider myself old enough for them, but for a fleeting moment, I thought I understood the Midlife Crisis – the desire to prove my worth with a much younger woman… who doesn’t need bifocals!!!*  And/Or a hot, fast car with a loud stereo blaring Classic Rock!

(*–And I should make clear that this is not my usual approach to women – for better or for worse!!)

First Impressions of WordPress.com

Pretty.  I’m glad one of the (few) templates available included the colors red and blue, since they’re associated with Red Toryism, as well as with my final Blogger template.  But since I was moving over an existing blog of over 600 posts, and WordPress’ Blogger import (i.e., copying) faculty slowed down to basically taking THREE POSTS AT A TIME, AT RANDOM FROM ANYWHERE ON THE BLOG, it was very tedious to do the moving AND double-check that it was successful.  And even when it said it was done, it had left out 40-50 posts, which I had to copy and post by hand one at a time…I’ve basically been at this for over 12 hours (excluding meals and personal needs)!!!  Then I found that unless I set the number of posts to display at any one time really high, like 150, a lower number limited displays from the monthly Archives of busy months…and WordPress.com’s server gets bogged down at that.  But there’s nothing like an Archive that doesn’t show all the posts from that month…especially since we can’t archive them individually by title, like a book’s index or table of contents (it seems…or maybe I have yet to discern how).  And I’d like to be able to arrange my links in my own preferred order, not necessarily alphabetically or anything.  And you might notice most of my “Links” aren’t blogs, yet I can’t change the widget name “Blogroll” to something else, it seems.

UPDATE: Just discovered that it’s Snap that really slows WordPress.com down, even if you’re not using it at any given moment.  PITA, actually!!!  It’s usually faster if you just follow the link!  Sorry, any Snap-lovers….



From the mouth of babes! (video)