No more Highlanderz?


When I was in the media, I wasn’t in sales, so it didn’t automatically occur to me that this was pursuant to a very-limited-time contract.¬† Nor OTOH that this would go on forever!¬† Brain just wasn’t engaged at all — pure pleasure!¬† At least the video clips are still available.

(Who are we kidding, anyway?: The Ford Flex is just a glorified station wagon.)


“Highlanderz” video available

Yes, it’s true!¬† They’ve added it to the Late Late Show video clip page now.¬† If you can, listen with headphones for the full audio effect, including all kinds of funny, subtle¬†snippets you couldn’t hear on TV last week.¬† (Nothing dirty, just hilarious!¬† “I enjoy golf!”¬† Well, OK, “we’re packing so much heat that our kilts are extra long” … but that’s not subtle, and I already¬†mentioned it last week….)

I nearly fell on the floor when Craig – er, “Angus” – stood in an alley with flip-sign messages like in that INXS video, saying things like¬†“Braveheart is Australian,” “Scotty is Candian,” etc.!!

Discover “The Highlanderz”

They’re a paid bit(?) on The CBS Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, pushing “the new Ford Flex,”¬†a supposed Scottish hip-hop group — the Highlanderz, not the Flex — featuring Craig’s “cousins Angus [himself] and Philip Ferguson,” and a cute Black woman who sometimes speaks Scottish-English and sometimes American — “Aye!”¬†¬†It’s inspired lunacy.¬† Tonight (Thursday / early AM Friday) they aired a whole music video — adding a couple backup dancers — based on the “We Are the Highlanderz” ditty which is all you can hear on the website for the moment.

It’s over,….

Bubbles, marry me!!!¬† (Love the hat!)¬† “We are the Highlanderz, mighty and strong, We’re packing so much heat that our kilts are extra long!”