“Paging Mr. Taj Mahal”

In the ’90s once I was connecting through Denver’s then-Stapleton International Airport. During both ends of the round trip I spent quite a while cooling my heels there, so long in fact that for years afterward I could recite their First Amendment p.a. message from memory!

What I still remember though was at one point somebody used the automated p.a. paging system many, many times to page “Mr. Taj Mahal” — pronouncing Mahal “MAY-hall” (like racer Bobby Rahal*).  With the mispronunciation(?) it took a few times to seep into my conscious brain and make me realize, OH! That’s a prank!  Ha ha, very funny, right up there with “Amanda Hugginkiss” and all those other Bart Simpson pranks.  As a HUGE fan of The Blues Brothers, and a very minor fan of blues in general, I should’ve remembered maybe it wasn’t a prank after all!

Congrats, sir, and Many Years.

(*–Hey, Rahal’s Lebanese-American.  Is he Orthodox?!!)