“These Are The Voyages…”

Life imitating art imitating life…?  A few years ago, while reaching for a pizza cutter, I realized the root of Star Trek‘s popularity: The Enterprise is a freakin’ pizza cutter, and who doesn’t like pizza?!?!?!  A subliminal secret creator Gene Roddenberry took to his grave?!!  The prequel of all prequels!  (Then there was the time a Q turned Voyager into … its own Xmas tree ornament about to go on sale at Hallmark!  We don’t need no stinking fourth wall!) 

I may sue thinkgeek, LOL!


Speaking of Star Trek

I have a bad feeling about the next movie, now filming in California for a Christmas release, supposedly a prequel about the Original Series crew as somewhat younger.*  (Here’s Wikipedia.)  The best thing about Trek before Enterprise was that it was about moving forward, hope, the future … and fun!  That’s why I think Enterprise died and Deep Space 9 didn’t catch on.  (DS9 was in the same time and space as The Next Generation, and mostly sedentary there around Bajor.  *I* loved it actually, for delving more into the human condition in quirky ways, kind of like TOS did, less like TNG.  But cerebral.  Voyager, of course, was at the other end of the galaxy.)  Also why the Nemesis movie flopped – too dark and brooding, basically a glorified episode rather than ‘a major motion picture.’  DS9, Enterprise, and Nemesis were what you might call Trekkie porn,** and I think mostly only Trekkies – and Winona Ryder fans! – will trip out to Star Trek XI.  I only saw Nemesis once(!), and I’ll be really (pleasantly) surprised if I see this one more than once.  Though I try to see everything once….  Even mediocre Trek is better than Faux News at its best!

Maybe they should’ve stuck with Damon/Affleck.  But I guess “Affleck is no Damon!”

I think the next Trek projects have to go ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’!  Hey, TOS debuted in 1966 … TNG in 1987 … looks about time for another “generation.”  Remember that the title of TNG didn’t originally refer to the next character generation – it took place nearly a century after TOS – but the next generation of viewers.  Nevertheless, we could probably use another leap of a century or more into the fictional future, and who knows what else to make it appeal broadly.  What about the 29th century, of which we’ve seen tantalizing glimpses???  Or else a freaky ‘concept thing’ across space and time ala 2001: A Space Odyssey?

(*–That’s not easy, because remember Ensign Pavel Chekov was just 22 in TOS, right out of the Academy.  Starfleet JROTC, anybody?!!) 

(**–Spare us the Saturday Night Live jokes! 😉  )