The 2 Most Powerful Governmental Leaders in the Americas are now both Black

President Obama and Governor General Jean of Canada meet before Harper meeting

President Obama and Governor General Jean of Canada meet before Harper meeting

I missed this picture in U.S. media from President Obama’s Canadian trip.  HE is the elected President of the United States of America, with his finger on The Button, the son of a Black African student with distant kin descended from chattel slaves.  SHE is Michaelle Jean, appointed “Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada” by Her Majesty The Queen of Canada and Her Other Realms and Territories, Elizabeth II, on the advice of HM’s Canadian Prime Minister of the day.  Mme. Jean is a Haitian immigrant to Quebec, her first language is French (or Haitian Creole), and she is descended from chattel slaves.  In the name of The Queen, she holds all constitutional power in Canada, though according to custom, she too governs in Privy Council, acting only on the advice of HM’s Canadian PM of the day … normally.  She’s married to a White Frenchman, and they are raising an adopted little Haitian girl.

Some photo op, eh?!  Every Black kid on Earth should get a copy free!

Canadian media covered their meeting in greater detail than you’ll find elsewhere: here, for now (link will break).

“Elective dictatorship”

That’s the pejorative critique of parliamentary government (ie, Westminster-style).  Part of the problem is that AFAIK, political parties under that system are themselves elective dictatorships, whether their “Leaders” are voted on by MPs, or more widely by party members nationwide.  The model is Party as Political Machine.  They could use more of a committee-style leadership or shared authority within the party like our Democratic and Republican Parties with their national committees, or House and Senate party caucus leadership teams.  This doesn’t rule out “strong leadership” when needed, as U.S. State and local party machines prove.  Today I can’t see a U.S. party chairman picking-and-choosing primary contestants like parliamentary Leaders do, even in Canada (Stephen Harper, Paul Martin, etc.).  We do sometimes have “party-endorsed” or “committee-endorsed” primary candidates, but that doesn’t prevent challengers from running, or even winning the primary.  But abroad, combine “elective dictatorship” within the party, and strong “party discipline” within Parliament, and you have your little dictators.  Especially if it’s thought the Monarch or President isn’t allowed to decline their “advice.”

So much for Fixed Election Dates!

So, Stephen “Fixed Election Date” Harper decides going on like he has with his heavily-indulged theocon minority government in Canada is no longer to his liking?  Hypocrite — typical theocon.  Trash constitutional law tradition until it suits them to fall back on it.  Not that Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition should’ve let him go on this long either….